Minnesota Wild… Playoff team?

I know I blog about a lot of sports. My wife is a prisoner of my sports disease! But I can’t help it!

I love hockey! I’m a former basketball coach and hockey is basketball on ice. I watch a lot of games so I am telling you what I see with the MN Wild. Is it gospel? No. But its my opinion which is why I write a blog. So here goes. The Wild have a decent team. They have good goaltending, unlike the Blackhawks. They have good defense. Sutter is the real deal. They need a thumper back there because they can get muscled on the boards but overall the D is good. They have some speed and talent on the puck. What they don’t have is 1 complete line. Their top line is one power forward from being dominant. Heatley is not that. He’s a 2nd line guy with Bouchard and Setegouchi, Coyle or somebody like him is the power forward for the top line. Speed from a big guy would make Zack and Mikko better. Heatley is stuck in neutral while Zack and Mikko are flying around. They need to create more offense by being able to carry the puck into the offensive zone. You can’t do that when one guy on your top line is not a worker and can’t skate. Mikko, Zack, and a power forward with speed would present a lot of problems. Think a healthy and motivated Latandress type. I say throw Coyle on that line and see what happens. Parise gets beat up challenging the puck all the time and Mikko is at best when he’s facilitating and defending. This is a very good team next year. They are an average team this year. The Wild need to continue to mix in their youth, Coyle on the top line is my call. Offseason should be about getting bigger on the blue line and bigger and more athletic at forward. They are pot committed with 200 mill committed to 2 players so might as well go all in!


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