Minnesota Sports…Why so diseased?

After a prolonged absence, I’m baacckk! Did you miss me? Ok probably not, but I missed writing so here I am again.  Lots on my sports brain so let me get right to it.

The Vikings are acting like a bush league operation by not giving Leslie Frazier the extension he earned. Yeah I said it. One could argue that they set him up to fail this past season. (I’m one who is arguing that) Here are the facts…They strapped him with an unproven, overrated project of a quarterback. They gave this quarterback absolutely no vertical threat. They paid a tight end (John Carlson) 20 million to stand on the sideline looking like Adonis. The offensive coordinator alienated their most explosive passing threat by throwing him 3 yard passes and asking him to make lemonade out of lemons. If Adrian Peterson doesn’t do the unthinkable,  and Leslie Frazier isn’t so respected in that locker room they are a 5 win team at best. No coach did more with less. Totally bush league move for them not to extend his deal!

David Kahn must go! Yeah I said it! (again) Even if you take away the injuries, the product that he and Adelman assembled was a 7 or 8 seed in the West and home by early May. I admit I was a huge Adelman bobo. But after Rambis I get a pass. My thinking was finally a presence on the bench that would garner respect around the league. No matter the injuries, the roster has no defensive presence besides a breaking down AK47 and Rubio. I tell the truth here so lets break it down.

Guards first…Luke can’t guard his position and can’t beat anyone off the dribble. Ever notice that when he plays point, he dribbles the ball until theres about 5 seconds left on the clock? I knew you noticed! Pass the ball! 15 minutes a game would be about right. JJ shoots way to much and he’s exactly 4 inches taller than my daughter and shes not tall. Career back up. 12-18 minutes a game. Shved… I like him but he turns the ball over at an alarming rate, and his outside shooting and decision making is not made for prime time yet. Malcom Lee got hurt but before that he was actually playing good defense and showing progress offensively. Adelman didn’t like him so his minutes were sporadic. Still, at best he’s a rotation guy. Brandon Roy… Ok sign a 2 guard with no cartilage in either Knee and hope the blood plasma transfusion works? GONG!!! Rubio is Rubio. I like him a lot. He’d have 20 assist a game if his passes were going to guys who could make shots. The last few weeks he’s been playing his heart out for this team. So thats the guards. 6 guards and 1 that would get major minutes on any team. Thats not about the injuries, thats a recipe put together that was destined for mediocrity. Kinda like heading to North Dakota looking for seafood gumbo. Lets move on.

Kevin Love… I wrote last year that he was not a franchise player and I got hammered for it. At least you were reading so I didn’t mind. But the facts are the facts…When your “best” player can’t or won’t defend and is not or has not been an end of game closer, then that player is not a Franchise Player. Can he be a big part of a good team? Yes. His stats would be great if he was Robin but he went to the Olympics talking like he was Batman! Then he shot 37% percent from the field, broke his hand doing those dangerous knuckle pushups and then re broke it. Injuries do happen but timing is everything. He was KLove to the beloved Wolves fan and now he has got a serious image problem on his hands. What now?

Adelman doesn’t like DWill so he didn’t play him for the first month of the season until he had no choice due to the injuries. Is he a superstar like you’d expect from a number 2 pick? No. Can he be a 25 min 12 point 6 rebound guy for a long time in the NBA? Absolutely!  Pek? Time to leverage the big man for some assets. Good player on a bad team. Him and Kevin don’t work because neither can defend the paint and neither has any explosion down low. He misses a lot of buckets from in close. 3rd option on a good team and he’s in a contract year. Do not pay him 50 million for 5 years! Yeah I said it! The rest is depressing. Cunningham is a glue guy. 20 minutes a night is perfect for his skillset. Steimsma is awful! Chris Johnson is better but Adelman is stubborn about guys he doesn’t know or like. Kid is long athletic and defends the bucket! 20 minutes a night with Steimsma not getting anytime unless absolutely necessary. Oh I almost forgot about Chase Buddinger. Good role player. Can shoot and jump, but cannot guard anyone on the floor.

Ok so there you have it. If they weren’t hurt is this the kind of product that was going to threaten the best teams in the league? These are David Kahns bold, job saving moves? Really now. Of the 12 players listed above, are there more than 3 players that could get major minutes on a good team? He has to go after this season. Injuries aren’t his crutch this time. Talent evaluation is his weakness in a league that requires you be right at least 80 percent of the time. Give him Rubio and nothing else!

Ok you’re tired of the negative so I’ll wait on the Twins, Wild, and Gopher football/ basketball. Diseased!!


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