15-1, high flying offense, no superbowl…sound familiar? My 3 things… Plus 1.

I  have always made the case about offenses selling tickets and defenses winning championships. It appears that the Packers didn’t get the memo. I’m sure I sent it. Ok maybe I didn’t send it to them. What do you want from me? I have some bias!! Report me if you want.

The Packers are the latest offensive juggernaut to be asked to watch the remaining of the tournament on television. Did you see it coming? Are you surprised? I did and I’m not! The Packers were a flawed team. In their only loss of the season to the K.C Chiefs, they were exposed. When they played a physical team with a good front four, defensive backs that can play man coverage, and linebackers that are athletic, they got beat. Sounds like the Giants to me. Defensively, I can’t understand why they were so bad, but wow they were so bad. The 98 Vikings were the same team. Play out front. Give up a bunch of yards. Win by 2 touchdowns! The problem is when the game slows down and every possession starts to matter, you need a running game to sustain drives and a defense that can get off the field. I hear people saying that they didn’t play like they had played all year and thats why they lost. Uh they did play like they played all year and that formula didn’t get them past round 1. The Giants beat them up physically and if not for some questionable calls, the score would have been worse!

My 3 Things…. Plus 1

1) The Saints – 49ers game was the best playoff game I’ve seen in a long time. In the end the Saints ( another offensive juggernaut) had the same problem the Packers had. They couldn’t get a stop when they really needed one. Under a minute to go and 80 yards away and Alex Smith leads the team down to get the game winning touchdown? Not a tying field goal. A touchdown! Alex Smith? Really? Go to your room!

2) Joe Flacco almost cost the Ravens a chance to play this weekend! If not for the studs they have on the other side of the ball, they would be done. How many times on 3rd and 3, are you going to throw the ball 25 yards down the sideline Joe? Move the chains! You got the ball on the 50 yard line and punted from the 45. Are you kidding me?  Even Trent Dilfer would have gotten a field goal out of that. Manage the game and stop trying to prove you’re an elite quarterback. You aren’t! Yeah I Said it!

3) Tebow!!!! I couldn’t keep watching the destruction so I turned to a movie to occupy me. Shooter with Mark Wahlberg. Ok movie but Mark is best suited for behind the camera. Ok where was I?? Oh yeah, the beat down that the Patriots put on the Broncos and Tebow. You saw it, so no need for me to pile on. As I mentioned in my previous post, I am rooting for the guy. Is this offseason and training camp going to help? Can he learn to read defenses from the pocket? What about that throwing motion? I’m not betting against the guy and I am sincerely hoping he gets a lot better. Why? Because its great to see a guy who has no earthly business playing quarterback in the NFL, playing quarterback in the NFL!

The Patriots are the last of the all offense, no defense teams left in the playoffs. They are playing the Ravens and the aforementioned train wreck that is Joe Flacco. The difference with the Patriots is that they can hurt you in so many ways offensively. The tight ends are a match up nightmare and Wes Welker is basically they’re running game. Even though they spread teams out with 4 and 5 receivers, they really aren’t in a hurry. They can get you 7 yards at a time. If you punt, you’re in deep trouble. Some advice for Flacco… when you have a chance on 3rd and 3, you best just pick up the first down! Tom Brady is an elite quarterback and if you play like you did last week… you can join the rest of us couch potatoes! Yeah I said it!



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