NFL Playoffs…My 3 things

Greetings all. Welcome to 2012!

When last I wrote, several teams where seen packing up for the year and 8 teams were ready to make a run for the Lombardi Trophy. I noticed 3 things over the weekend and it wouldn’t be a blog if I didn’t share…

1) Are we finally ready to say that Matt Ryan is a disappointment? Elite Quarterbacks don’t produce 2 points in a playoff game! The Falcons are built to win now. They have a defense, a running game, and above average receivers. So why are they done? 2 points points? Come on Matt, step up your game! On a side note… I think Ray Edwards is stealing money. He got paid big in free agency and he was an absolute bust. Built like Tarzan, playing like Jane, (no disrespect to Jane), she’s not trying to play defensive end. Kudos to the Vikings for recognizing he was all about the money. 8 sacks playing with Jared Allen got him huge money from the Falcons. Fraud! Finally… Eli Manning is not Peyton’s brother anymore. He’s Eli Manning!

2) The Texans are going to win a Super Bowl before the Cowboys. They lost their best defensive player, (Mario Williams). They played 9 games without their best offensive player, (Andre Johnson) and are starting their 3rd string quarterback, somebody named TJ Yates. They will not win the Super Bowl this year but this team is loaded and will need to be dealt with for many years to come. “Americas Team”, the Cowboys, are in serious trouble. The roster is full of me first players, a meddling owner, and a Quarterback that despite numbers that suggest eliteness, has proven to be more Danny White, than Troy Aikman. They lack discipline on both sides of the ball and week to week seemed to be trying to figure out what kind of identity they want to roll with.

3) TEBOW!!!!!! I can’t explain it but I am rooting for this guy! It’s crazy but he is a winner. Plain and simple. I watched that game against the Steelers and I saw his coaches trying to play it safe in the 2nd half. When you lose 7-3 to the Chiefs the week before, I knew that after getting the lead 20-6 at halftime, Coach Fox was going to pull the plug on the offense. The Steelers weren’t going to lay down,(they’re champions) so of course they came back. But this guy did not flinch. Unbelievable! That throwing motion is awful. He throws the ugliest ball in the league. That accuracy is inconsistent, balls bouncing 8 yards in front of receivers. He can only read one side of the field from the pocket. Did I mention that he’s built like a linebacker?? But he really did throw for over 300 yards and an 80 yard touchdown pass in overtime. His team is headed to New England to play the Patriots this weekend. I will never bet for or against him but I will be rooting for him. I just wish I knew why!

Tebow!!!!! Yeah I Said It!


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