NFL Playoffs!!…Very Interesting

Today ‘s games marked the end of a very long season for a lot of teams. Which franchise would you want to be running right now?

The Vikings? Is Cristian Ponder an offensive line from being the franchise quarterback, or is he Kyle Boller?  How about the Rams? Do you really believe firing their coach and a healthy Sam Bradford is the answer for a 2 win season? Maybe you believe Cleveland is a happy Peyton Hillis and a healthy Colt McCoy away from the playoffs? What’s next for the Buccaneers? The team that got its head coach fired because they quit on him has serious leadership issues. Someone in that locker room needs to step up! Where are you Josh? How about you Kellen? The Bills? Interesting. Is it me or did they jump the gun with Fitzpatrick? Could be me… but I’m going with definitely jumped the gun. Did the Raiders just break the NFL record for most penalties again?! Is Carson Palmer a winner? Hmmm…Make the case and we’ll discuss. Blaine Gabbert is worse than Christian Ponder. The Jaguars are lost.

Based on their relevance at the moment, the Minnesota Vikings earn only a short assessment. They have some work to do. My goodness, who are they? Is it on Leslie Frazier?  Don’t forget, you were all on board when number 4 and the convoy came rolling in. Something about championship window was uttered. Oh you do remember don’t you? That means wins and a chance to go to the bowl. Woohoo! The downside is its short term and last I checked, players don’t get younger. The Offensive line needs more talent. The receiving corps needs more talent. More talent is needed in the the defensive backfield. All together now…. they need more talent! And finally…Please find a position for Everson Griffen and never take him off the field!!!! Lets see…you need talent on the defense…hmmm. Fire Musgrave immediately! Yeah, I said  it!

Whew, sorry about that.. Just another purple fan working through it.

Lets talk about the positives…the Playoffs are here. Will it be the offenses of the Packers, Saints, Patriots?…. Maybe you’re thinking defense? Do you think the Steelers or Ravens have enough? Is running the football and playing field position the formula? If so, does that mean the Falcons have  a chance? Is it Tebow time? Really? I’m a sucker for a good story and this is a good one. John Fox called a horrible game today. 7-3 with the playoffs on the line? Seriously?  Playoffs??!! We’re talking about Playoffs??! Giants, Cowboys… yeah and?? Ah yes… here comes the Detroit Lions! I know it was the last game but did Matt Flynn really throw for 480 and 6 touchdowns? I’m sorry, Matt Flynn? Interesting. Can the 49ers score enough?

If you think offense then you’re thinking Packers Vs Patriots? They are the same team aren’t they? Close enough. Wouldn’t that be good? The purest in me says there’s no chance 2 teams that play no defense make it to the Super Bowl!! Defense wins championship right? But Flacco, and an injured Ben has me second guessing myself. I need a couple of days to gather my thoughts before I can come up with my take.

Happy New Year



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