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Wolves decision… KLove … what to do?

The Minnesota Timberwolves have a decision to make that will have long term franchise ramifications. Do they give Kevin Love a contract extension for the maximum?

Kevin Love is a special player with special skills. But is he a franchise player? Watching him play and dominate the boards the way he does is amazing. He can shoot from distance. He works harder than most NBA players and he clearly hates losing. He is one of the top power forwards in the league. Having said all of that, he may never be a starter in the All Star game,and his team is 2 to 3 seasons after this one from being the 8 seed in the championship tournament. He is not a maximum contract player. Yeah, I said it!

As much as I like him and respect his talents and he’s the face of the franchise, the fact is, his unique skill set has helped the Wolves to a 32-132 record over the last 2 seasons. Is it his fault?… of course not! Coaching, GM decisions and lack of veteran leadership are at the root of their ineptness. However, the question is, should Kevin Love be a maximum contract player, not is David Kahn the worst GM in the league. (I’m certain we’ll address that in future blogs) I compare him to 2 other young players in the league on young, inexperienced teams and I see Derrick Rose and Kevin Durant. Over the last 2 years, these 2 maximum contract players have led the league in scoring (Durant twice) and been named MVP (Rose last season). These are individual awards but when you look at the success of their teams, it is clear that their individual talents have translated into WINS. They have both taken their teams deep into the playoffs and are both poised to make a title run this year. You can argue about the organizations being better and having better supporting players. Those would both be valid. But even  if you believe that, there is simply no denying that these players are difference makers. In the NBA, the 4th quarter belongs to the superstars. These are the players that you give the ball to and ask to win the game. In my opinion, thats what franchise players are. Finishers! The wolves could have won at least 10 more games last year if they had a finisher. Heck they would be 2-0 this season, if they had one!

Kevin Love can be the second best( and highly paid)  player on a winning team, or he can be the best and highest paid player on a losing team. Its really his choice. If he takes a little less than maximum, the team will have flexibility to pay players to stay or come to Minny. If he takes the Kevin Garnett approach, he will constantly be surrounded with second tier players and the franchise will be destined for middle of the road success in a couple of years. What if Michael Beasley finally gets it? He’s the most talented player on the team. If he finally gets the team thing ( he’s only 22 yrs old) then surely you want him on the team don’t you? What if Rubio is all that we hope he is? You would want to keep him longterm too, right?  Mr. Love: Have you noticed what is going on in the league? Are you seeing that in this league you have to have 3 really good players to win?

What should the Wolves do? They should avoid being pressured by the fans and media to sign him now. He will be a restricted free agent at the end of the year. That means the wolves would be able to match any offers he gets from another team and they can pay him more because he’s their player. They should wait and see what the rest of the league thinks he’s worth and act accordingly. Will that upset him? Probably. But he will create a PR nightmare for the KLOVE brand if he argues that 11- 13 million per season for 5 seasons isn’t good enough and he needs 15 million. Besides, I’ve heard him say on numerous occasions that he’s all about winning. We shall see! I really like your game KLOVE but you are not a maximum contract player. Yeah, I said it!

Happy New Year Everyone!



Welcome to my blog for sports nuts!

Hello everyone! I started this blog because the “glazed over” look from my wife this past weekend told me that this is what I needed to do. She didn’t say it in words because she’s a saint, but the look said,” I wish I cared about Tampa 2, compressed schedules, power-plays, Tubby, Flacco, or home field throughout… but I just don’t.” What?  You really don’t care about all of the useless information I’ve been sharing with you for 25 years?  Who knew?

I have been following sports and writing on blogs for a long time and thought this would be a great outlet for me and a relief to my wife. The blog, you may have guessed is going to be about sports. I follow all sports both nationally and locally so you could find a take on just about any of them here. I’m a fan of the local MN teams and will try my best to give them a fair shake. If you don’t live here, then you have no idea the challenge that presents.

The name of the blog is Yeah, I Said It!  Kinda catchy don’t you think? The intent is to share my thoughts on what the the average fan, and some columnist think but don’t or won’t say. These are my opinions on subjects from my perspective. This is not going to be some stat junkies paradise. I’m just not that detailed!  I read and watch a lot of sports (yeah I know… but I said she’s a saint already) I played almost every sport growing up and decided at age 40 to learn how to play hockey. I’ll try not to bore you with those details… I said try. Its been a lot of fun! I’ve coached sports for a long time so I watch sports just a little differently than the average fan. (Ask her if you don’t believe me) … Not better, just differently.

The plan is to post every Thursday but I reserve the right to rant at anytime, should the opportunity arise. Your feedback is welcome and encouraged. This should be a lot of fun! I hope you enjoy! Tell all of your sports crazy friends and family about the blog. If you want to know my take on something, feel free to share!